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The Extremities Solution: Flexible Limb Immobilization Strategies in Radiation Therapy

Limb immobilization poses unique challenges in radiation therapy due to the wide range of limb movements and the necessity for individualized treatment approaches. It is crucial to ensure impeccable reproducibility while prioritizing patient comfort. The clinical utilization of vacuum bags and thermoplastic masks has become increasingly prevalent to address these requirements. These advanced methods offer tailored immobilization solutions, maximizing treatment precision, reproducibility, and patient comfort throughout the radiation therapy.

Positioning Solutions

vImmobilizing the Hand with U Mask + Cushion/foam:

Klarity offers the option of using head cushions or foam in combination with a thermoplastic mask. This approach ensures precise and comfortable positioning while providing adequate support for the hand.

hand immobiliziation.jpg

vHead & Neck Baseplate + Mask for Upper Extremity Immobilization

For cases involving the upper extremities, Klarity provides a comprehensive solution combining a head and neck immobilization board, vacuum bags, thermoplastic masks, and an arm support device. This solution offers stability and reproducibility during treatment sessions.

hand and knee immobilization.jpg

vUpper Extremity with Vacuum Bag Immobilization Devices:

Additionally, Klarity offers alternative upper extremity immobilization techniques utilizing vacuum bags. These solutions provide flexibility and adaptability for different treatment scenarios.

vacuum bag immobilization.jpg

vCushion + Vacuum Bags + Mask for Knee and foot immobilization:

Klarity offers a comprehensive solution for foot and knee immobilization in radiation therapy. The foot is secured using custom-moulded AccuCushions for the arch and sole, providing a precise fit and optimal patient comfort. A mask and vacuum bags are utilized to secure the knee in place further. This combined approach maximizes treatment accuracy, reproducibility, and patient comfort during radiation therapy.

Leg immobilization.jpg

vVacuum Bags for Lower Limb Immobilization:

Vacuum bags provide versatile solutions for lower limb immobilization. Various methods can be employed based on individual requirements.

vacuum bag for leg fixation.jpg

In conclusion, limb immobilization requires personalized solutions to accommodate the unique tumour locations while ensuring patient comfort, stability, and reproducibility. Klarity's flexible strategies, including using vacuum bags and tailored positioning devices, aim to optimize treatment outcomes and provide the highest level of care to patients undergoing radiation therapy.

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