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How to Use Klarity Athena Supine™ Breast System

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The Klarity Athena Breast System is used for positioning and repositioning patients during breast radiation therapy treatment and other treatment modalities.



The Klarity Athena Breast System is an adjustable baseplate for supine positioning. The carbon fiber baseplate attaches to a treatment table and can be raised or lowered with elevation supports. The Athena R610- NDCF includes arm cups and upper hand grips for overhead arm positioning. Lower hand grips are also included to facilitate additional arm positioning options. The patient’s bottom is supported by an adjustable bottom cushion. A leg cushion elevates the lower limbs for better patient comfort. A headrest is included as well.


The R610-NDCF is compatible with the Athena Wingboard (ordered separately). The Athena Breast System is also compatible with standard S-type masks from Klarity and other manufacturers, as well as breast and thorax masks from Klarity.




Weight Limit: 440lbs

Elevations: 5˚, 10˚, 15˚, 20˚

Dimensions: 145 cm Length 41 cm Width 2 cm Thickness

Material: Carbon Fiber


STORAGE AND CLEANING Store in a clean, dry place away from direct sunlight. Wipe thoroughly with a neutral antiseptic cleaner. Allow to dry thoroughly before next use.



1. Attach the baseplate to the treatment table or CT Couch using two indexing bars (upper and lower).

2. Next, determine the desired elevation for the baseplate. Lift the baseplate; raise the selected elevation bar and insert it into the connector piece at the top of the baseplate. To release, push the pink tab up and remove the elevation bar.

3. Place the headrest onto the baseplate.

4. To attach the upper arm supports open the latch and insert the pegs into the desired hole (4, 5, 6, or 7). Close the latch to secure. The arm supports can be adjusted horizontally, vertically, and laterally. To adjust in any direction, push the button to adjust and release to lock into place.

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5.  Place the upper hand grips in the desired hole(s) (1, 2, or 3).

6. If positioning the arms down by the patient’s side(s), attach the lower hand grips to either or both sides of the baseplate by screwing the hand grip knobs into the baseplate. Adjust the hand grip posts as needed.

7. To adjust the bottom cushion (also called a bum stop), unscrew the knobs to slide the cushion to the ideal position. Tighten the knobs to secure.

8. Position the patient on the baseplate and adjust as needed.

9. S-type Head-only thermoplastic masks as well as breast masks may be used with the Athena Breast System. If using a mask, follow the instructions for that specific mask. The baseplate is equipped with holes to receive S-type head masks (around the head) and secure it to the baseplate using the pins on either side of the mask.

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10. To store the baseplate, collapse the elevation bars. Wrap the attached Velcro strap over the top of the elevation blocks and connect at the back to keep the baseplate contained.

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