ESTRO 2023 | Strengthening Global Partnerships in Radiotherapy in Vienna

The ESTRO 2023 was held in Vienna from May 12th-15th, marking the first major radiotherapy event since the global easing of the COVID-19 pandemic. 


For the Klarity China team, it was as if we had bid farewell to our global partners for many years during the three years of the pandemic. This time, we finally reunited in Vienna, and the meeting was filled with warm embraces and the words 'Long time no see!'


At this exhibition, there were a series of new product demonstrations and training sessions, including an SBRT surface tracking system, Axislaser System, New All-in-one System, Athena™ Supine Breast System, MR RT Solution, and the Hover Transfer System. What's more, we also arranged a special 'Klarity Night' to thank our partners.

The Party
Klarity Night


Klarity Night was held at the famous Palais Coburg hotel in Vienna, a neo-classical palace building with a history of nearly two hundred years. We and our partners, who are also old friends, enjoyed drinks and conversation, reminisced about the past, and looked forward to the future!


Chairman Deren Zhan delivered a welcome speech, expressing gratitude to our partners.


Peter Larson shared Klarity's Initial Story with both new and old friends


COO Lucy Li introduced the overall strategic layout of Klarity's radiotherapy.


The Training

Pre-exhibition training for distributors


The Exhibition

Live coverage of the exhibition.

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